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Miss Kitty

Lilly Schoolhouse Resident Cat & Hostess

Miss Kitty's Bio

Miss Kitty has been at the Lilly Schoolhouse throughout the multi-years-renovation.    


Miss Kitty  was well connected when she applied for the Resident Cat Hostess position in Lilly.  Miss Kitty was hired on the spot, without a resume, or references, much to the shagrin of the local Alley Cats in Lilly who were vying for the coveted position.   Miss Kitty knew how to schmooze the restoration crew, and they immediately put in a good word for Miss Kitty's immediate hiring.    


Since that time, Miss Kitty has been running the joint, making sure the Lilly Schoolhouse gets in tip top shape for every performance.


Miss Kitty loves the piano, and is often seen on top of the 100 year old Chickering Baby Grand Piano in the auditorium, or in a classroom window.  Miss Kitty attends all rehearsals, and if Miss Kitty sits on the piano, or in an auditorium chair, we know we have a winning performance, and to expect a sold out crowd.


Miss Kitty has been getting ready for Halloween!  Miss Kitty invited Madame Lisa, the acclaimed psychic to come read fortunes

and talk to the old schoolhouse spirits.  But don't worry, Miss Kitty said only good spirits live at the Lilly Schoolhouse! 

Miss Kitty is also hosting two movie exhibitions to see how we like scary movies!   If we like them, Miss Kitty is ordering a

state of the art movie system for next year!






Miss Kitty's Video

For Letters to Miss Kitty:

Miss Kitty

c/o Lilly Schoolhouse

Post Office Box 99

Lilly, Georgia 31051-0099

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