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Historic 1912 Elevator

The 1912 elevator is a rare, bird cage elevator from an old mercantile building in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   The bird cage elevator is from the same year that the Lilly Schoolhouse was built, and as such was a perfect match to the building.   The elevator could have been built right in to get to the second floor auditorium in 1912.   The original plans of the 1912 elevator were included when the elevator was saved from demolition.

The bird cage elevator is from an old, historic building rumored to be a brothel frequented by Al Capone.   When restored and installed, the elevator may be the hottest ride in Lilly!   Restoration costs are expensive and any donations for completion are appreciated.  The need for the elevator is even more important now with COVID.  The plans call for special filtration and sanitation for air quality.  The elevator would allow more senior patrons to be able to tour upstairs, and host events in smaller groups.

Donations can be sent to:

Elevator Fund

c/o Lilly Schoolhouse

P.O. Box 99

Lilly, Georgia 31051

What our customers are saying

I love the Lilly Schoolhouse!  What attention to history!  And who doesn't love Miss Kitty?

-M. Garrett